Science of psychedelics with Ben Malcolm aka Spirit Pharmacist

In this episode of host Sam Believ has a conversation with Ben Malcolm aka Spirit Pharmacist


We touch upon subjects of importance of preparation to Ayhauasca, Ayahuasca diet from scientific point of view, science of psychedelics and how his own journey was inspired by DMT experience.


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How to choose the best Ayahuasca retreat with Cam Leids

In this episode of host Sam Believ has a conversation with Cam Leids


We talk about how unfortunate life events sometime lead to awakening and better life, we talk about choosing Ayahuasca retreat,


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Overcoming alcoholism. Can psychedelics help? With Vanessa Crites

In this episode of host Sam Believ has a conversation with Vanessa Crites


We talk about Vanessa’s journey of overcoming alcohol addiction and psychedelics role in it, history of alcoholics anonymous how it also was inspired by psychedelics we discuss if you can still consider yourself sober if you work with Ayahuasca.


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Ayahuasca Podcast: Exploring Psychedelics, Spirituality, and Conscious Leadership with Eric Kaufman

In this episode of host Sam Believ has a conversation with Eric Kaufmann

We touch upon subjects of psychedelics and spirituality in entrepreneurship, conscious leadership, ego myopia, how psychedelics can help you unlock your unrealized potential.

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In this episode of the Ayahuasca Podcast, host Sam B interviews Eric Kaufman, an executive coach, keynote speaker, and author. Eric shares his insights on psychedelics, spirituality, and conscious leadership, discussing how these elements can unlock unrealized potential and enhance personal and professional lives. Listen in as they explore topics such as ego myopia, the balance between spiritual practice and daily life, and the power of community.

Journey of Spirituality and Corporate Life

Eric Kaufman’s life journey is fascinating, weaving together deep spiritual practices with a successful corporate career. Starting with a keen interest in spirituality from a young age, Eric spent his early adulthood in a spiritual community while simultaneously pursuing a corporate career with companies like 3M and Corning. He shares how he managed to navigate these seemingly incompatible worlds and eventually found a way to integrate them.

Meditation and Its Evolution

Eric has been meditating for 38 years, a practice that has significantly evolved over time. Initially a life raft during a turbulent period, meditation became a tool for focus, presence, and spiritual attunement. Through meditation, Eric developed a heightened sense of agency and intentionality, crucial for navigating both his personal life and his work with psychedelics.

Psychedelics and Leadership

Psychedelics play a significant role in Eric’s approach to leadership. He emphasizes that ceremonies often bring out feelings of gratitude, love, and a sense of transcending inner boundaries. These experiences can profoundly shift an executive’s perspective, enhancing their leadership by fostering a deeper connection to the broader aspects of reality beyond day-to-day anxieties and goals.

Conscious Leadership

Eric defines conscious leadership as the process of correcting ego myopia through the cultivation of wisdom, love, and power. These three elements help leaders see beyond the surface, nurture themselves and others, and live with purpose. Conscious leaders integrate these qualities, making decisions that reflect a broader understanding of interconnectedness and a commitment to authentic living.

Integrating Spirituality and Daily Life

Eric shares his journey of integrating spiritual life with family and community. Initially resistant to the idea, he realized the importance of grounding spiritual experiences in everyday relationships. This integration brought profound lessons in love, patience, and compassion, enriching his personal and professional life.

The Importance of Community

Meaningful communities, according to Eric, are those with a shared fate rather than just shared interests. Such communities provide support, understanding, and a sense of interconnectedness, essential for personal growth and authentic living. He highlights the healing power of community, particularly in settings like ayahuasca retreats, where mutual support can significantly enhance the overall experience.


Eric Kaufman’s insights offer a unique perspective on blending spirituality with practical leadership. His emphasis on self-acceptance, community, and conscious leadership provides valuable guidance for anyone looking to deepen their spiritual practice while excelling in their professional life. For more about Eric, visit his website at and check out his books, “The Four Virtues of a Leader” and “Leadership Breakdown.”

Tune in to the Ayahuasca Podcast for more episodes exploring the intersection of psychedelics, spirituality, and personal growth.

Ceremony music and Ayahuasca with Ayla Schafer

In this episode of host Sam Believ has a conversation with Ayla Schafer a renowned medicine musician.


We touch upon subjects of how medicine music is created, how music affects the ceremony, we talk about her hero’s journey, music as tool for healing, the crisis earth is facing and healing yourself first.


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Overcoming social anxiety with Ayahuasca with Adrian Lozano

In this episode of host Sam Believ has a conversation with Adrian Lozano

We touch upon subjects of social anxiety, microdosing vs SSRI, inner child work and more.

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Podcast Transcript:

Exploring the Benefits of Psychedelics with Adrian Loano

In this episode of the Ayahuasca Podcast, host Sam Believ talks to Adrian Lozano, a plant medicine facilitator and microdosing coach. Adrian shares his transformative journey with psychedelics, discussing how they have helped him overcome social anxiety and depression. He also elaborates on his work with mushrooms, both micro and macro dosing, and the integration of various healing modalities.

Understanding SSRIs and Psilocybin

Adrian explains the differences between SSRIs and psilocybin. SSRIs inhibit serotonin receptors and require daily intake, potentially leading to dependence and various side effects. In contrast, psilocybin works with serotonin, providing a natural boost without the need for daily consumption. This allows individuals to feel happier, more connected, and present. Adrian emphasizes the importance of working with a healthcare provider when transitioning from SSRIs to microdosing.

The Power of Ceremony and Integration

Adrian recounts his first Ayahuasca ceremony and the challenges he faced due to a lack of preparation and community support. He stresses the importance of integrating practices like therapy, meditation, and grounding exercises to process the profound experiences psychedelics can bring. He shares how his ongoing therapy and connection with nature have been vital in his healing journey.

Shadow Work and Inner Child Healing

Adrian discusses the significance of shadow work and inner child healing in his practice. Shadow work involves confronting and integrating the parts of oneself that are often rejected or hidden. Inner child work focuses on healing past traumas and nurturing the younger self. Adrian describes how these practices have helped him and his clients achieve deeper emotional healing and self-awareness.

The Role of Community in Healing

Community plays a crucial role in psychedelic healing. Adrian highlights the importance of group support and shared experiences in ceremonies. He explains how being part of a community can enhance the healing process by providing a safe space for vulnerability and connection. This communal aspect allows individuals to feel seen, heard, and supported, fostering a sense of belonging and collective healing.

Practical Tips for Microdosing and Breathwork

Adrian offers practical advice for those interested in microdosing. He emphasizes the importance of precise dosing and integrating supportive practices like breathwork to manage anxiety and enhance the microdosing experience. Techniques such as box breathing can help individuals stay grounded and centered during intense moments.

Overcoming Social Anxiety with Psychedelics

Adrian shares his personal struggle with social anxiety and how psychedelics, particularly Ayahuasca, have helped him overcome it. He describes a pivotal ceremony where he purged his fears and doubts, allowing him to speak confidently and connect more deeply with others. Adrian’s story serves as an inspiration for those facing similar challenges, demonstrating the potential of psychedelics to facilitate profound personal growth and healing.

The Importance of Preparation and Integration

Adrian emphasizes that the work with psychedelics extends beyond the ceremony itself. He advises proper preparation before a ceremony and stresses the need for integration practices afterwards. These practices, which include therapy, yoga, and meditation, help individuals process and incorporate the insights gained during their psychedelic experiences into their daily lives.

Balancing Microdosing and Macrodosing

Adrian explains the complementary roles of microdosing and macrodosing. While macrodosing provides deep, transformative experiences suitable for addressing major traumas and profound insights, microdosing offers a gentle, day-to-day approach that helps improve mood, creativity, and overall well-being. He recommends starting with microdosing to build a relationship with the medicine before exploring more intense experiences.

The Therapeutic Potential of Mushrooms

Adrian elaborates on the therapeutic benefits of psilocybin mushrooms, highlighting their ability to foster personal growth and emotional healing. He shares success stories of clients who have overcome anxiety, depression, and other mental health challenges through regular, intentional use of microdosing. By working with mushrooms, individuals can experience significant improvements in their mental health and overall quality of life.


Adrian Loano’s insights into the world of psychedelics offer valuable perspectives on healing, integration, and personal transformation. His experiences underscore the importance of community, intentional practice, and the integration of various healing modalities. By sharing his journey, Adrian provides hope and guidance for those seeking to explore the therapeutic potential of psychedelics. For more information about Adrian and his work, visit his Instagram at loan.flows or his website

Life of a facilitator, hard life is preparing you to help others, with Phoenix White

In this episode of host Sam Believ has a conversation with Phoenix White, founder of Sacred Celestial.

We touch upon subjects of postpartum depression, negative sides of facilitation, having hard life as prepararion to help others.

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Podcast Transcript

Introduction to Phoenix White

In this episode of the Ayahuasca Podcast, the host interviews Phoenix White, a mother, business owner, speaker, author, and founder of Sacred Celestial Phoenix. Phoenix shares her journey through trauma, motherhood, and the profound impact of psychedelics on her healing process.

The Reality of Postpartum Depression

Phoenix opens up about the realities of postpartum depression, emphasizing the often-overlooked physical and emotional challenges that accompany childbirth. “A lot of people forget that when the placenta comes out, it leaves a gaping wound inside of a woman,” Phoenix explains, highlighting the immense internal healing required post-birth. She shares her own struggles with postpartum depression, noting the stark contrast between her first experience at 25 and her second at 40, where she had more support and tools to cope.

Struggles and Support in Motherhood

Phoenix recounts how her first pregnancy at 25 was marked by depression, hair loss, and a lack of support, leading to a near-suicidal episode. In contrast, her second pregnancy at 40 was well-supported with a life coach, therapist, and a partner who was present and engaged. Despite the support, she still faced challenges due to chemical imbalances, underscoring the complexity of postpartum depression. She also discussed the importance of a multi-sensory support plan, which included songs, specific foods, and having a dedicated support team.

Discovering the Healing Power of Psychedelics

The conversation then delves into Phoenix’s journey with psychedelics. Initially skeptical, she was introduced to mushrooms while in Mexico, describing the experience as a life hack that profoundly expanded her self-awareness. She discusses the importance of proper guidance in psychedelic experiences, warning against unsupervised use, and emphasizing the significance of ceremonial settings for safety and deeper connection. She recalls her first mushroom ceremony in Mexico, which opened her eyes to the potential of plant medicine.

The Role of Shared Trauma in Healing

Phoenix also touches on the transformative power of shared trauma in her role as a facilitator. “Our stories and our processes are really, really hard,” she says, “but they make us more relatable and empathetic to the people we work with.” She recounts the challenges and responsibilities of being a facilitator, including managing participants’ expectations and the critical need for integration post-ceremony. She offers ongoing support through coaching and group sessions to help individuals incorporate their psychedelic insights into daily life.

Near-Death Experiences and Psychedelic States

Reflecting on her near-death experience during brain surgery, Phoenix draws parallels between the profound clarity and insights gained in both near-death and psychedelic states. “It’s like coming face to face with yourself,” she explains, underscoring the interconnectedness of all things and the spiritual dimensions of these experiences. She describes the in-between space she experienced during her near-death moment, a warm and beautiful place that felt like a different realm, emphasizing the importance of listening to inner voices and guidance.

The Importance of Integration

The episode also explores the nuances of facilitation, with Phoenix sharing her experiences managing difficult participants and the importance of creating a safe, supportive environment. She emphasizes the need for proper training and harm reduction to ensure the safe use of psychedelics, especially as their popularity and legalization grow. Phoenix highlights the significance of touch and physical presence in her ceremonies, noting that her approach involves multi-sensory healing experiences that differ from traditional psychedelic therapy.

Phoenix White’s Book: “Redefining Strong”

Phoenix’s book, “Redefining Strong: A Journey to Finding Yourself, True Healing, and Spiritual Recalibration,” is mentioned, offering readers a blend of autobiography, healing tips, and practical guidance. The book serves as a testament to her journey and a resource for others seeking healing and self-discovery. She describes it as a combination of her personal story and a workbook that guides readers through their own healing processes.

Cultural and Historical Significance of Psychedelics

The discussion also touches on the cultural and historical significance of psychedelics and plant medicine. Phoenix mentions the ancient use of psychedelics in ceremonies and the deep spiritual connections they facilitate. She notes the similarities between the neural networks in our brains, the mycelium networks in nature, and the interconnectedness of the universe, suggesting that these connections play a role in the effectiveness of psychedelic healing.


This episode provides a comprehensive look at Phoenix White’s transformative journey and her work with psychedelics. Through her story, listeners gain insight into the complexities of postpartum depression, the therapeutic potential of psychedelics, and the crucial role of proper facilitation and integration in the healing process. Phoenix’s experiences underscore the importance of support, empathy, and the interconnectedness of all life in the journey toward healing and self-discovery. Her unique perspective and dedication to helping others through their healing journeys offer valuable lessons and inspiration for anyone interested in the profound benefits of plant medicine and personal transformation.

UFC champion turned Ayahuasca researcher Ian McCall – Ayahuasca Podcast

In this episode of host Sam Believ has a conversation with Ian McCall, former UFC champion turned psychedelic activist.

We touch upon subjects of TBI and Psychedelics, Ian’s research on TBI and Ayahuasca, his journey after UFC retirement, overcoming addiction and suicidal ideation.

Find more about Ian at

His charity and research project

Podcast Transcript:

Introducing Ian McCall

Ian McCall, once a formidable contender for the UFC championship, has transitioned from the fierce world of mixed martial arts to becoming a pioneering figure in the field of psychedelic therapy. Known for his resilience and tenacity in the octagon, McCall has now channeled these qualities into advocating for the therapeutic use of psychedelics. His journey is marked by personal battles, including overcoming severe addictions and brain injuries, and his commitment to helping others heal.

From UFC Stardom to Healing Advocate

McCall’s interest in psychedelics began early, but it was his own battle with addiction and brain injuries that truly highlighted their potential. He credits substances like DMT and psilocybin for not only helping him overcome his addictions but also for facilitating profound personal healing. This transformation led him to advocate for the therapeutic use of psychedelics in treating traumatic brain injuries (TBI) among athletes.

Athlete’s Journey Home: A Revolutionary Project

Ian McCall is now at the forefront of Athlete’s Journey Home, a project dedicated to healing athletes using ayahuasca and other psychedelics. This initiative aims to study the effects of these substances on TBIs, leveraging the highest levels of scientific research in collaboration with leading neuroscientists. The project seeks to provide a comprehensive healing process for athletes who have sacrificed their health for their sports careers.

The Science Behind Psychedelics and TBI

McCall explains the science of how psychedelics facilitate brain healing through processes like neurogenesis and neuroplasticity. These substances stimulate the brain’s natural healing mechanisms, making them a powerful tool for treating TBIs. His approach combines psychedelic therapy with other holistic methods such as diet, exercise, and meditation, offering a multifaceted solution to brain injuries.

Overcoming Addiction: A Personal Testimony

Ian’s candid discussion about his struggles with addiction reveals the dark side of high-performance sports. His story of relapse and recovery is a testament to the resilience required to overcome such challenges. Through psychedelics, he found a way to break free from the cycle of addiction, ultimately leading him to a life dedicated to helping others.

A Personal Journey of Discovery and Healing

Ian’s journey with psychedelics began early, with his first experiences at a very young age. His exploration of substances like cannabis, LSD, and mushrooms laid the groundwork for his later therapeutic use. Despite early exposure, it was his later battles with addiction and mental health that drove him to deeper understanding and utilization of these substances for healing. His firsthand experiences and rigorous self-education enabled him to develop the McCall Method, blending scientific insight with personal healing practices.

Family Influences and Early Adoption of Plant Medicine

Ian’s family played a significant role in his introduction to plant medicine. His father’s stories about the healing potential of psychedelics and his brother’s work with DMT extraction profoundly influenced him. These early experiences and familial teachings provided a foundation for Ian’s later use of psychedelics in a therapeutic context, especially in dealing with his daughter’s juvenile rheumatoid arthritis through cannabis oil and other holistic methods.

The Role of Community and Mentorship

Throughout his journey, Ian has been supported by a network of mentors and friends, including notable figures like Joe Rogan. Their support and shared knowledge helped him navigate the complexities of psychedelic therapy. Ian’s relationships with researchers and scientists, like Dr. Sandman and Matthew Johnson from Johns Hopkins, have also been pivotal in refining his approach and validating his methods.

Addressing Controversies and Challenges

Ian also touches on the controversies surrounding the psychedelic community, particularly with organizations like MAPS, and the need for ethical practices in scientific research. He emphasizes the importance of staying true to the mission of healing and the potential pitfalls of commercialization in the psychedelic space. Ian highlights how some organizations may stray from their original mission, influenced by financial incentives, which can undermine the integrity of psychedelic research and therapy.

Call to Action and Support

To further his mission, McCall invites support for his projects, particularly Athlete’s Journey Home. He encourages people to contribute financially or through other means to help gather the necessary data and stories to support the therapeutic use of psychedelics. His goal is to create a sustainable model for athlete recovery and to inspire a broader movement towards holistic healing practices.

Personal Insights and the Broader Impact

McCall shares personal insights into his healing journey, highlighting the profound impact psychedelics have had on his life. He emphasizes the importance of personal research and understanding one’s own body in the healing process. McCall’s work not only aims to heal athletes but also to educate the public about the benefits and science behind psychedelic therapy, promoting a more informed and accepting society.

The Future of Psychedelic Therapy in Sports

Looking ahead, McCall envisions a future where psychedelics are a mainstream treatment for not just athletes but for anyone suffering from TBIs and other conditions. His work aims to demystify these substances and advocate for their scientific validation and acceptance. By sharing his story and the successes of his initiatives, Ian McCall hopes to pave the way for broader acceptance and use of psychedelic therapies in sports and beyond.

Integrating Traditional Practices with Modern Science

McCall emphasizes the importance of integrating traditional practices with modern scientific research in the use of psychedelics. By working with indigenous knowledge and contemporary science, he aims to create a holistic approach that respects both the historical context and the latest advancements in understanding psychedelics. This integration is crucial for developing effective therapeutic protocols that are both culturally sensitive and scientifically robust.

Transforming the Perception of Psychedelics

Through his advocacy and educational efforts, McCall aims to transform public perception of psychedelics. He works to shift the narrative from one of stigma and illegality to one of healing and scientific legitimacy. By highlighting the stories of athletes and other individuals who have benefited from psychedelic therapy, McCall hopes to foster a more accepting and supportive environment for these transformative substances.

Building a Supportive Community for Healing

Ian’s ultimate goal is to build a supportive community that fosters healing and personal growth. Through initiatives like Athlete’s Journey Home and his consulting work, he aims to create spaces where individuals can safely explore psychedelic therapy. By providing education, support, and resources, McCall is dedicated to helping others navigate their healing journeys and achieve their full potential.

Somatic experiencing and psychedelics with Joshua Sylvae

In this episode of host Sam Believ has a conversation with Joshua Sylvae

We touch upon subjects of somatic experiencing, psychedelics, trauma work, how to know if you have trauma and how to know if it is healed.

Find more about Joshua Sylvae at

Podcast Transcript

Introduction to Somatic Experiencing and Psychedelics

I’m currently working on a text related to somatics and psychedelics, and I think they do similar things by paying attention to the body and receiving information in the wordless language of our bodies. Both facilitate bottom-up processing, which isn’t as prevalent in modern approaches to healing and therapy. I’m excited about the potential of both somatics and psychedelics because we need to befriend our inner experiences rather than trying to control them.

Joshua’s Journey into Somatic Experiencing

In this episode of the Ayahuasca Podcast, we talk to Joshua Sylvae about trauma work, somatic experiencing, and the similarities between working with Ayahuasca and somatic experiencing. Joshua has been in the field of somatics since 2003, holding an MA in Clinical Psychology, a PhD in Higher Learning and Social Change, and is a licensed marriage and family therapist. He has worked as a psychotherapist and now focuses on educating professionals interested in treating trauma and distress.

Understanding Somatic Experiencing

Somatic experiencing involves integrating the body into the therapeutic process, where sensations are considered alongside thoughts and emotions. This approach helps in understanding how our nervous system might store trauma and create ongoing cycles of dysregulation. The process often begins with stabilization, helping individuals reconnect with their external environment and their entire sensory experience, facilitating a state where they can manage both positive and negative sensations.

Combining Somatic Experiencing with Psychedelics

Joshua discusses how psychedelics work on serotonergic pathways, allowing access to experiences usually below our awareness threshold. This process is similar to somatic experiencing in that it allows for bottom-up processing and the release of trapped energy. While there isn’t extensive experimental study combining these modalities, there is a recognition in underground psychedelic therapy movements of the benefits of focusing on the body during psychedelic experiences.

Integrating Somatic Awareness into Daily Life

To become more embodied, Joshua recommends simple practices like orienting to the environment, registering positive experiences, and becoming aware of soothing behaviors. Modern humans often feel disconnected from their bodies, and practices that encourage noticing bodily sensations and integrating pleasant experiences can help bridge this gap. Joshua also emphasizes the importance of teaching these practices to children to foster a more embodied culture.


If you enjoyed this episode and would like to support us in the psychedelic revolution at large, please follow us and leave a like wherever you’re listening to this podcast. Nothing in this podcast is medical advice; it’s intended for informational purposes only.

Spiritual awakening through Ayahuasca. Ayahuasca Podcasts with Berto Cartagena

In this episode of host Sam Believ has a conversation with Berto Cartagena 

We touch upon subjects of spiritual awakening, Ayahuasca and Christianity is Ayahuasca a sin?

Find more about Berto

Podcast Transcript:

Guest Introduction

In this episode of the Ayahuasca Podcast, we talk to Berto Cartagena, who shares how his Ayahuasca experience led to a profound spiritual awakening. We delve into Ayahuasca, its connection to Christianity, the Bible, and whether using Ayahuasca is considered a sin. Hosted by S. Belief, this podcast features Berto, a previous patient at Ayahuasca, discussing his journey and transformation.

Berto’s Initial Experience

Berto’s journey with Ayahuasca began in 2018, influenced by Gerard Adams, a thought leader who shared his transformative experience with Ayahuasca. Berto was initially hesitant, fearing an encounter with his deceased mother. Despite the fear, he continued meeting people who praised Ayahuasca’s transformative power, leading him to finally take the plunge in 2023, seeking fulfillment and personal growth.

Choosing Ayahuasca

Initially planning to visit Peru for a traditional Ayahuasca ceremony, Berto chose Ayahuasca in Colombia due to its affordability and a trusted recommendation. Skeptical at first about its commercial appearance, he was reassured by the responsive communication and positive reviews. A fellow yoga class attendee who had a transformative experience at Ayahuasca also influenced his decision.

The First Ceremony

During his first ceremony, Berto experienced faint visions and profound realizations. Initially seeing his face on magazine covers, his trip took a darker turn when he saw the face of a woman next to him melting. This led him to question whether to drink more Ayahuasca, but he ultimately decided to surrender to the experience, which was both challenging and enlightening.

A pivotal moment for Berto was his interaction with the Taita, who comforted him and reinforced the idea that the temple of Jesus is within. This connection provided reassurance and deepened his spiritual journey. Berto realized that true transformation involves understanding and embracing the basic, essential aspects of life, such as love and family.

Spiritual Realizations

Ayahuasca revealed to Berto the importance of operating from a place of love. He experienced profound moments with family members, feeling their pain and understanding their perspectives. These realizations helped him uncover blocked emotions and emphasized the significance of family and love in his life.

Berto’s journey continued with a significant message from God during a later ceremony, instructing him to be a messenger and marry his ex-girlfriend, Julia. Despite initial doubts, he followed through, proposing to Julia and embracing his role as a spiritual guide. This journey also highlighted the importance of faith and following divine guidance.

Christianity and Ayahuasca

Berto explored the connection between Ayahuasca and Christianity. Through discussions with the Taita, he learned about the belief that Jesus introduced Ayahuasca to their ancestors. This insight, combined with Berto’s biblical visions and experiences, reinforced his belief in the spiritual legitimacy of Ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca, for Berto, was not just a spiritual experience but a call to delve deeper into his Christian faith. He discovered that many of the visions and messages he received during his ceremonies were aligned with biblical teachings. This realization led him to explore the Bible more intensely and to understand how his spiritual experiences were connected to his Christian beliefs.

Life After Ayahuasca

Currently, Berto focuses on creating content and helping others become unstuck. He aims to share his spiritual insights and guide others towards personal and spiritual growth. Berto emphasizes the importance of choosing trusted and experienced Ayahuasca facilitators, especially for first-timers. He believes that a safe and supportive environment is crucial for a transformative experience.

Berto’s life after Ayahuasca has been marked by a commitment to spiritual and personal development. He continues to explore his faith and how it intersects with his Ayahuasca experiences. His journey has led him to understand the importance of living a life of love, forgiveness, and spiritual alignment.


Berto’s journey with Ayahuasca has been transformative, leading him to a deeper understanding of spirituality and love. His experiences highlight the profound impact Ayahuasca can have on personal growth and spiritual awakening. You can follow Berto’s journey and insights across social media at Berto Cartagena.

Psychedelics and femeninity with Ana Sa. Ayahuasca Podcast

In this episode of host Sam Believ has a conversation with Ana Sa

We talk about psychedelics and femeninity, quantum healing hipnosis, importance of integration.

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Psychedelics and entrepreneurship with Chase Hudson. Ayahuasca Podcast

In this episode of host Sam Believ has a conversation with Chase Hudson – founder of Hemp Lucid

We talk about  psychedelics and entrepreneurship, war on drugs and misconceptions, cultural shift we are experiencing now and much more.

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How does Ayahuasca work? Explained by medical doctor and curandero Joe Tafur.

In this episode of host Sam Believ has a conversation with Joe Tafur. Joe Tafur is the author of Fellowship of the river, one of the best books about Ayahuasca.

We talk about how Ayhauasca works both from spiritual and medical perspective, about importance of healthy scepticism, differences between different types of Ayahuasca – Colombian Yage and Peruvian Ayahuasca, why healing is a state of receptivity, how science and spirituality are slowly merging.

Find more about Joe Tafur at




Psychedelics vs Breathwork with Kyle Buller

In this episode of host Sam Believ has a conversation with Kyle Buller. Kyle is Cofounder and co-host of psychedelics today podcast. 

We touch upon subjects of Breathwork, how Breathwork can help navigate the psychedelic experience. Kyle tells us about his near death experience and how it was a trigger for the start of his spiritual journey. We talk about trauma release and more.

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Psychedelics and physical health. How Trauma can cause inflammation. With Lauren Sambataro.

In this episode of host Sam Believ has a conversation with Lauren Sambataro on the topics of how mental health affects physical health and vice versa, how Trauma can cause inflammation, how psychedelics can help, BDNF, microdosing and so much more. 


Find more about Lauren here

Her podcast is biohacker babes




Addiction Recovery and Ayahuasca with Danielle Nova

In this episode of host Sam Believ has a conversation with Danielle Nova on the topics of Addiction Recovery and psychedelics.


We touch upon subjects of addiction recovery, drawbacks of 12 step program, role your beliefs play in your addiction recovery process, how Ayahuasca can help, microdosing vs normal dosage and more.


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Exploring psychedelic underground with Rachel Harris – Ayahuasca Podcast

In this episode of Ayahuasca Podcast host Sam Believ has a conversation with Rachel Harris.

We talk about the difference between the psychedelic guide and a therapist,  psychedelic ubderground in US, Rachel’s New book swimming in the sacred

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What is Hoffman method with Tim

In this episode of host Sam Believ has a conversation with Tim Laurence about the Hoffman Method. What is it, what are the benefits and even what famous people have used it.

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Microdosing of psychedelics for moms. Mothers on mushrooms with Tracey Tee

In this episode of host Sam Believ has a conversation with Tracey Tee founder of mother’s on mushrooms.

We touch upon subjects of microdosing for mother’s, postpartum depression, quitting antidepressants using microdosing and more.

Find more about Tracey and her project at

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Psychotherapist’s Ayahuasca experience with Simon Tennant

In this episode of host Sam Believ has a conversation with Simon Tennant on the topics of psychotherapy and psychedelics, masculinity and femininity Ballance and role in a retreat, collective unconscious, archetypes in the group, what effect can psychedelics have in therapy world.

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Blind Person’s Ayahuasca experience with Ashley

In this episode of host Sam Believ has a conversation with Ashley Townsend on the topics of can bling people see psychedelic visions, are visions important, her personal work with Psychedelics and overcoming trauma with men.


If you want to reach out to Ashley via WhatsApp this is her number 

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Psychedelic therapy for couples with Lily Eggers

In this episode of host Sam Believ has a conversation with Lily Eggers on the topics of psychedelic therapy for couples, keys for a good relationship, Ayahuasca for couples and more.

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Death and Psychedelics with Mary Telliano

In this episode of host Sam Believ has a conversation with Mary Telliano on the topics of transitioning from life to death and psychedelics, fear of death, death as a life coach and we even go though a death meditation.

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Preparation for Ayahuasca retreat with Derek Dodds

In this episode of host Sam Believ has a conversation with Derek Dodds on the topics of preparation for Ayahuasca ceremony, quitting alcohol, overcoming childhood trauma, advice on integration, Ayahuasca and entrepreneurship.

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Ayahuasca and gut health with JoQueta Handy

In this episode of host Sam Believ has a conversation with JoQueta Handy on the topics of Ayahuasca and autism, Ayahuasca and gut health, overcoming sexual abuse with help of psychedelics and biofeedback.

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How to become an Ayahuasca Shaman with Hamilton Souther

In this episode of host Sam Believ has a conversation with Hamilton Souther on the topics of shamanism, growing psychedelic tourism, meaning of life and more.

Growing popularity of Ayahuasca – pros and cons

In this episode of host Sam Believ has a conversation with Oliver Glozik on the topics of rising popularity of Ayahuasca, mental health crisis and psychedelic renaissance. 

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Drinking Ayahuasca with your family AyahuascaPodcast.c

In this episode of host Sam Believ of LaWayra Ayahuasca retreat interviews Wingerts family.

They came to experience Ayahuasca with the entire family and had amazing results to overcome a family trauma.

Shadow work and Ayahuasca as a tool for learning. with Doron Yitzchak Gibor

In this episode of host Sam Believ interviews Doron Yitzchak Gibor on topics of Shadow work and working with Ayahuasca as a tool for learning.

Ayahuasca Integration with Rick de Villiers.

In this episode of host Sam Believ of LaWayra Ayahuasca retreat interviews Rick de Villiers

I found Rick’s video on topic or integration and really liked his explanation, so I invited him on the podcast to explore this subject more thoroughly.

Lieutenant colonel heals PTSD with Ayahuasca. with Matthew Butler

In this episode of host Sam Believ of LaWayra Ayahuasca retreat interviews Matthew Butler.

Matthew retired US military at the rank of lieutenant colonel. 20 of 27 years in military was in the Green Berets or Special Forces with 42 months total and combat. After retiring in 2017 he battled with PTSD. He tried Alcoholics anonymous and antidepressants but nothing helped. However his first Ayahuasca experience has changed his life. Now he is an advocate for the cause.

Get in touch with Matthew via linked in

Depression gone after Ayahuasca Experience. with Scott Gray

In this episode of host Sam Believ of LaWayra Ayahuasca retreat interviews Scott Gray. Scott is a veteran who battles PTSD and depression and got great relief from Ayahuasca after his visit to LaWayra 6 months ago.

Ayahuasca and out of body experience with Ryan Nurse

In this episode of host Sam Believ of LaWayra Ayahuasca retreat interviews Ryan Nurse TBI (traumatic brain injury) surviver, public speaker and a coach. 

Ryan talks about his out of body experience and similarities with his Ayahuasca experience at LaWayra

Ayahuasca for veterans and PTSD

Can #ayahuasca be helpful for #veterans dealing with PTSD? Short Answer is yes and Jesse Borgelt a combat vet will tell us about his experience with Ayahuasca. 

Quitting weed after Ayahuasca retreat

In this episode Sam Believ interviews Robert about his success story of quitting Marihuana after attending an Ayahuasca retreat.

We talk about root causes of weed addiction and more.

10 most common concerns about Ayahuasca.

Sam Believ of LaWayra Ayahuasca retreat joined by Oliver Glozik of Guacamayo retreat to talk about frequently asked questions and concerns about Ayahuasca.

Eastern spirituality V.S. Ayahuasca. Differences and similarities with Kani

In this episode host Sam Believ interviews Kani on topic of Eastern spirituality V.S. Ayahuasca

There are more similarities that you can imagine explore them in this awesome episode full of fascinating questions.

LaWayra Ayahuasca retreat 

How Damyn stopped drinking alcohol after drinking Ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca showed a very positive impact on people with alcohol problems and we had many stories of people quitting alcohol thanks to Ayahuasca.

In this episode me (Sam Believ) will interview Damyn on how he stopped drinking after his first Ayahuasca retreat at LaWayra

LaWayra Ayahuasca retreat

Difficult life of Ayahuasca retreat facilitator. with Oliver Glozik

In this episode I (Sam Believ) interview Oliver Glozik.

Many people who drink Ayahuasca dream about starting their own Ayahuasca retreat, however it is not as easy as it looks. In this episode we discuss the difficulties of running an #ayahuasca #retreat

LaWayra Ayahuasca retreat

All about Ayahuasca – Sam Believ being interviewed by Emma O’Riley

Emma asks me all these questions in this episode:

1. What is Ayahuasca?

2. How does Ayahuasca work?

3. What are the effects of Ayahuasca on the mind and body?

4. Is Ayahuasca safe?

5. Can Ayahuasca cure depression or other mental illnesses?

6. How long does the Ayahuasca experience last?

7. What are the potential risks or side effects?

8. How is Ayahuasca traditionally prepared and consumed?

9. Is it legal to consume Ayahuasca?

10. What should I expect during an Ayahuasca ceremony?

LaWayra Ayahuasca retreat

PTSD in veterans and Ayahuasca.

In this Episode Sam Believ interviews John, military doctor. We touch upon subject of care for Veterans, PTSD, psychedelics and so much more.

LaWayra Ayahuasca retreat

Does Manifestation even work? with Diana Merfeldiene

Does Manifestation even work? Sam Believ interveiws Diana Merfeldiene who is a coach and manifested a pretty awesome lifestyle for herself, look and learn on how to do it yourself!

LaWayra Ayahuasca retreat 

Can Ayahuasca help with Psoriasis? interviewing Austin

Can Ayahuasca help with Psoriasis? Sam Believ of interviewing Austin, who got some relief from his psoriasis symptoms after attending LaWayra Ayahuasca retreat

Supernatural event during an Ayahuasca retreat.

Me Sam Believ and my guest Oliver Scott talk about supernatural events during Ayahuasca retreats. 

LaWayra Ayahuasca retreat

History of LaWayra Ayahuasca retreat aka Ayahuasca in Colombia

In this episode me Sam Believ and Oliver Scott are going through my history with Ayahuasca and the birth of LaWayra Ayahuasca retreat aka