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Sam Believ

Sam had a life-changing experience with Ayahuasca with the medicine taking away his depression and helping him find his purpose. Now Sam is on a mission to spread the word about Ayahuasca with AyahuascaPodcast.com as well as provide affordable and accessible Ayahuasca experience at his retreat – LaWayra.

LaWayra has become the most reviewed Ayahuasca retreat in South America in 3 years of its existence and has changed lives of 1000s of people.

ayahuasca podcast

Unveiling Ayahuasca's Mysteries

Learn about the ancient wisdom and powerful changes that ayahuasca can bring through our podcasts. Each episode explores the history, cultural meaning, and personal journeys related to this special plant medicine. We talk with shamans, researchers, and people who share their own experiences and insights. Join us to understand how ayahuasca affects the mind, body, and spirit.

Healing and Transformation

Ayahuasca Podcast helps you understand how ayahuasca can heal and transform you. We discuss how this powerful brew helps people overcome problems, find clarity, and grow spiritually. Through our talks, we highlight the healing benefits and the importance of safe, guided ceremonies. Listen to learn how ayahuasca can help you heal deeply and change your life.

ayahuasca podcast
ayahuasca podcast

Community and Ayahuasca Podcast Connection

Our podcast builds a community for ayahuasca lovers and seekers. We provide a space for sharing stories, advice, and support, helping listeners connect and learn from each other. Whether you are new to ayahuasca or have experience with it, our episodes offer valuable insights and a sense of belonging. Join our community and be part of the conversation about how ayahuasca impacts our lives.

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