In this episode of host Sam Believ has a conversation with Berto Cartagena 

We touch upon subjects of spiritual awakening, Ayahuasca and Christianity is Ayahuasca a sin?

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Podcast Transcript:

Guest Introduction

In this episode of the Ayahuasca Podcast, we talk to Berto Cartagena, who shares how his Ayahuasca experience led to a profound spiritual awakening. We delve into Ayahuasca, its connection to Christianity, the Bible, and whether using Ayahuasca is considered a sin. Hosted by S. Belief, this podcast features Berto, a previous patient at Ayahuasca, discussing his journey and transformation.

Berto’s Initial Experience

Berto’s journey with Ayahuasca began in 2018, influenced by Gerard Adams, a thought leader who shared his transformative experience with Ayahuasca. Berto was initially hesitant, fearing an encounter with his deceased mother. Despite the fear, he continued meeting people who praised Ayahuasca’s transformative power, leading him to finally take the plunge in 2023, seeking fulfillment and personal growth.

Choosing Ayahuasca

Initially planning to visit Peru for a traditional Ayahuasca ceremony, Berto chose Ayahuasca in Colombia due to its affordability and a trusted recommendation. Skeptical at first about its commercial appearance, he was reassured by the responsive communication and positive reviews. A fellow yoga class attendee who had a transformative experience at Ayahuasca also influenced his decision.

The First Ceremony

During his first ceremony, Berto experienced faint visions and profound realizations. Initially seeing his face on magazine covers, his trip took a darker turn when he saw the face of a woman next to him melting. This led him to question whether to drink more Ayahuasca, but he ultimately decided to surrender to the experience, which was both challenging and enlightening.

A pivotal moment for Berto was his interaction with the Taita, who comforted him and reinforced the idea that the temple of Jesus is within. This connection provided reassurance and deepened his spiritual journey. Berto realized that true transformation involves understanding and embracing the basic, essential aspects of life, such as love and family.

Spiritual Realizations

Ayahuasca revealed to Berto the importance of operating from a place of love. He experienced profound moments with family members, feeling their pain and understanding their perspectives. These realizations helped him uncover blocked emotions and emphasized the significance of family and love in his life.

Berto’s journey continued with a significant message from God during a later ceremony, instructing him to be a messenger and marry his ex-girlfriend, Julia. Despite initial doubts, he followed through, proposing to Julia and embracing his role as a spiritual guide. This journey also highlighted the importance of faith and following divine guidance.

Christianity and Ayahuasca

Berto explored the connection between Ayahuasca and Christianity. Through discussions with the Taita, he learned about the belief that Jesus introduced Ayahuasca to their ancestors. This insight, combined with Berto’s biblical visions and experiences, reinforced his belief in the spiritual legitimacy of Ayahuasca.

Ayahuasca, for Berto, was not just a spiritual experience but a call to delve deeper into his Christian faith. He discovered that many of the visions and messages he received during his ceremonies were aligned with biblical teachings. This realization led him to explore the Bible more intensely and to understand how his spiritual experiences were connected to his Christian beliefs.

Life After Ayahuasca

Currently, Berto focuses on creating content and helping others become unstuck. He aims to share his spiritual insights and guide others towards personal and spiritual growth. Berto emphasizes the importance of choosing trusted and experienced Ayahuasca facilitators, especially for first-timers. He believes that a safe and supportive environment is crucial for a transformative experience.

Berto’s life after Ayahuasca has been marked by a commitment to spiritual and personal development. He continues to explore his faith and how it intersects with his Ayahuasca experiences. His journey has led him to understand the importance of living a life of love, forgiveness, and spiritual alignment.


Berto’s journey with Ayahuasca has been transformative, leading him to a deeper understanding of spirituality and love. His experiences highlight the profound impact Ayahuasca can have on personal growth and spiritual awakening. You can follow Berto’s journey and insights across social media at Berto Cartagena.