In this episode of host Sam Believ has a conversation with Eric Kaufmann

We touch upon subjects of psychedelics and spirituality in entrepreneurship, conscious leadership, ego myopia, how psychedelics can help you unlock your unrealized potential.

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In this episode of the Ayahuasca Podcast, host Sam B interviews Eric Kaufman, an executive coach, keynote speaker, and author. Eric shares his insights on psychedelics, spirituality, and conscious leadership, discussing how these elements can unlock unrealized potential and enhance personal and professional lives. Listen in as they explore topics such as ego myopia, the balance between spiritual practice and daily life, and the power of community.

Journey of Spirituality and Corporate Life

Eric Kaufman’s life journey is fascinating, weaving together deep spiritual practices with a successful corporate career. Starting with a keen interest in spirituality from a young age, Eric spent his early adulthood in a spiritual community while simultaneously pursuing a corporate career with companies like 3M and Corning. He shares how he managed to navigate these seemingly incompatible worlds and eventually found a way to integrate them.

Meditation and Its Evolution

Eric has been meditating for 38 years, a practice that has significantly evolved over time. Initially a life raft during a turbulent period, meditation became a tool for focus, presence, and spiritual attunement. Through meditation, Eric developed a heightened sense of agency and intentionality, crucial for navigating both his personal life and his work with psychedelics.

Psychedelics and Leadership

Psychedelics play a significant role in Eric’s approach to leadership. He emphasizes that ceremonies often bring out feelings of gratitude, love, and a sense of transcending inner boundaries. These experiences can profoundly shift an executive’s perspective, enhancing their leadership by fostering a deeper connection to the broader aspects of reality beyond day-to-day anxieties and goals.

Conscious Leadership

Eric defines conscious leadership as the process of correcting ego myopia through the cultivation of wisdom, love, and power. These three elements help leaders see beyond the surface, nurture themselves and others, and live with purpose. Conscious leaders integrate these qualities, making decisions that reflect a broader understanding of interconnectedness and a commitment to authentic living.

Integrating Spirituality and Daily Life

Eric shares his journey of integrating spiritual life with family and community. Initially resistant to the idea, he realized the importance of grounding spiritual experiences in everyday relationships. This integration brought profound lessons in love, patience, and compassion, enriching his personal and professional life.

The Importance of Community

Meaningful communities, according to Eric, are those with a shared fate rather than just shared interests. Such communities provide support, understanding, and a sense of interconnectedness, essential for personal growth and authentic living. He highlights the healing power of community, particularly in settings like ayahuasca retreats, where mutual support can significantly enhance the overall experience.


Eric Kaufman’s insights offer a unique perspective on blending spirituality with practical leadership. His emphasis on self-acceptance, community, and conscious leadership provides valuable guidance for anyone looking to deepen their spiritual practice while excelling in their professional life. For more about Eric, visit his website at and check out his books, “The Four Virtues of a Leader” and “Leadership Breakdown.”

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